Building regulations for replacement windows

Double Glazed replacement windows information

You may think that you don’t need to worry about getting planning permission to replace window in your house and that will most probably be the case as they are usually permitted developments, but you will need to comply with building regulations in order not to fall foul of your local council.

Some of these rule & guidelines relate to the minimum requirement for energy efficiency of the replacement windows and there are 2 ways that you can comply.

  1. First is to arrange for the local inspector to come around after the work is done – this is not only risky as if the windows don’t comply you will need to do remedial work or even worse, replace the new windows and you will also be charged a fee for the building inspector to visit. and that will increase the overall double gazing costs.
  2. Second is to use an installer that is qualified to certify the windows as compliant, you will need to use a “competent to self -certify” contractor and that means they need to be a member of CERTASS or FENSA.

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lean to conservatory installers

Double glazing doors price comparison

Lower the cost of double glazed doors

4564721266There are a couple of ways to think about if you are on a limited budget and your main concern is to get the lowest cost of double glazed front doors that you can. One is by bargaining which is always a good idea, but the other may have to be that you compromise on one or more aspects of the door features.

Some installers charge for sections of side panels windows that open, its fair enough because windows that open need extra work to create and require hinges, locks separate glazed units etc. So if you keep the number of opening sections in your door side panels to a minimum you are less likely to incur extra costs. You should avoid fancy handles, leaded glass, specialised gas filled double glazed units and take a bit of time to think “Is this feature really necessary?”

The biggest thing to remember is to always ask for a better price, the cost of double glazed doors is virtually always negotiable.

What are the lowest cheap conservatory prices?

Conservatory for your property

Learning how to build a conservatory on your own can be tough. This is because you might be new to this, and you are building one for the first time. It is possible to build one on your own, but you need to make sure that you have the right information or alternatively, you can seek professional advice especially about conservatories prices

Save up to 50% on Listed Orangery or Conservatory Prices


If you do a search on conservatories, you will be able to find plenty of information on them and there are a many companies which offer free surveys and pricing quotations, so be sure to check them out. If you do not want to waste time searching around, then here is some information that you might find handy. It is crucial that you do some basic research first, so that you will be able to get started on the right track.

Improving heat saving from Double Glazing Windows

Getting the best from your double glazed windows

side viewIt may be that you are thinking that one replacement window is just as good as another when it comes to saving from losing heat and that could be true for you unless you knew about a few innovations that are not included as standard, but can make quite a difference in terms of energy saving properties and can also impact on double glazing prices.

Two of the small items that can have a significant effect are

1) spacers

2) weather seals.

The spacers fitted inside the double glazed sealed glass panes can transfer some heat, especially some metal versions, this can be greatly eliminated by using ‘warm edge spacers’ which a far better at insulation.

The weather seals are small brush like seals which run around the edge of the windows and are the key to keeping out draughts and water penetration caused by capillary action.

Just paying attention to these 2 small things could save you money in the long run.

Budget Lean-to conservatory prices

Cost of small uPVC lean-to conservatories

lean toOnce you define what your idea of a small room is, you can then look to see what Lean-to conservatories prices are in the market place for smaller examples of home extensions.

For example, if you take a DIY lean-to conservatory that is no bigger than 3 metres by 4 metres in floor space you should be able to get one for a few hundred pounds, but once you start looking into professionally fitted conservatories with proper bases or infill panels or brickwork dwarf walls, then you are getting into the upper price range for this type of conservatory.

In short, the cost of a small conservatory will really depend on how simple you keep it –the more elaborate, the bigger, the more options etc. the higher the cost will be.

Online Cheap uPVC Doors Prices

Save Money On UPVC Doors

black compositeMany people are searching for UPVC doors, and you’re probably here because you want to get more information on front doors prices as well. As far as I’m concerned, UPVC doors make good investments.

This is because they can last for a very long period of time, and you do not have to worry about having to change your doors every now and then. It is also very easy to maintain UPVC doors.


All you have to do is to use a damp cloth to wipe clean. Many people choose to go for UPVC doors because they are also very affordable. If you wish to purchase UPVC doors, here is the right time to do so.

Check out a few options that are available before you make any payments.

Orangery Installer certification

Orangery Conservatory trade associations

ORANGERY BRICK PILLAR & FRENCH DOORSWith the price of building a reasonable sized Orangery sometimes running into tens of thousands of pounds, its surely prudent and only sensible to investigate the ‘bona-fides’ of any contractor that you may be considering to do the work prior to awarding them the contract to do so.

One of the ‘first lines of defence’ is to check that your proposed installer is a registered and certified contractor from either: GGF, FENSA, CERTASS or DGCOS which are some of the main recognised trade associations within the double glazing and conservatory market.

By using a registered contractor, you will have some comfort that they have been pre-vetted to a certain extent with regards to the contractor’s competence to meet building regulations and to some extent it will also provide a decent level of consumer protection in the event that something goes wrong – you can find out more here:

Tilt & Turn uPVC Windows

Tilting & Turning Window Features

side viewIf you are thinking about having replacement double glazed windows in the near future, why not consider having a look at the features of tilt & turn windows, there are some great double glazing price online companies that may provide solutions to problems that you did not know you had!

double-tilt-sashFirstly, Tilt & Turn windows have a very special way of opening and closing, in that not only do they open and close like a traditional door or window, but also by using a very clever and ingenious hinging system, they are able to ’tilt’ backwards from the top of the frame (like an upside down fanlight) to allow ventilation without having to open the window fully. This means you don’t have to worry about stray people or animals wandering into the house whilst enjoying the fresh air.

Most Tilt & Turn frames are designed for the window to open inwards which means that they cna be cleaned from within the comfort of your own home as often as you like – no more window cleaner bills! Very useful for upstairs windows or for those people who live in a high rise building or upper floor apartment.

Find out more about tilt & turn or tilt & slide windows at: Double Glazing Prices Guide

Review online resources for the cost of double glazing, low prices conservatories & cheap front doors UK.